The company HR Edilnova Srl. established 11.06.2015. in Padua (Italy) and now Edilnova d.o.o. established 12.05.2014 . based in Gacice/Ivanec in Croatia, dealing with housing and industrial and are newly established but, in the current corporate structure have converged all work performed by us in previous years, as they are made by company details; the professionals, in fact, working for years in a defined group and close-knit, all have proven experience in construction, civil and industrial..

Engineers, architects and skilled workers (craftsmen of the brick and stone face view, tilers, plasterers, carpenters, etc.). Make up our workforce and work together to fully satisfy our customers and provide maximum assistance and professionalism.

Able to handle orders of various sizes on their own, paying attention to compliance with the regulations on work safety, both Italian and Croatian, we have a precise organization of supplies and workers, which allows us to guarantee quality, punctuality and precision in the execution of works entrusted to us. Our suppliers, Italians and Croats, were we qualified according to the criteria of reliability, competence and quality of supplies.

We produce mainly civil and industrial construction, and provide if necessary, works turnkey design, architectural consultancy, interior design, construction management and site security service included.

We are specialists in structural carpentry and in construction work in CA, in the construction of facilities necessary for the formation and progress of industrial plants, like transfer stations, waste recovery facilities and composting, biogas plants, but also in construction of works of civil engineering.

The main objective of the company is customer satisfaction and the creation from the beginning, of a clear and serene.

At the center of our efforts is the customer who must:

  • have a valid technical advice for the best solution to every need

  • always be aware of how it will develop the work from design to construction

  • to have the best result, the result of continuous research of the best materials available on the domestic and foreign market

  • enjoy full control during processing and security of a deployment of the art by qualified personnel and updated on all the circumstances of the product

HR Edilnova Srl. and Edilnova d.o.o. two companies are reliable, always ready to carry out the work quickly and providing maximum availability and assistance.

We are very mobile and we are ready to accept work on any area or location, to facilitate the realization of customer requirements, as evidenced by many tasks that were performed for prestigious companies in Italy, Germany ( Bavaria ) and CroatiaThe companies are not rooted in the territory of the office but moving where necessary to meet the needs of its customers, as evidenced by the various jobs carried out by prestigious companies, as well as in Italy, Germany (Monaco of Bavaria), and Croatia.

Our key customers are:


  • SESA SPA (PD Este – Italy) the main customer for which we have created a number of works of reinforced concrete in the factory at disposal of Este (for exemple: construction of storage tanks, treatment plants, yards, sheds etc.);

  • ZH GENERAL CONSTRUCTION COMPANY SPA (Bolzano – BZ- Italy) for which we have performed subcontracted the construction to be finished in a nursing home in Meltina (BZ), and for which we have developed a three-story condo in Olching (Monaco Munich – DE);

  • BIOMAN SPA (Mirano -VE- Italy) for which we have made numerous plants producing energy by electricity biogas in various municipalities in the province of Padua and Pordenone province where, for the same client we have also produced an entire hall composting waste and all construction work related (treatment plants, garages, yards etc.);

  • INTERCANTIERI VITTADELLO (Limena – PD – Italy) for which we have carried out work in several sites for construction of underground utilities and concrete works for water pipelines or shore embankment;

  • Mattioli SPA (Padova – Italy PD) for which we have made concrete works for the exits Noventa Vicentina (VI) of the new motorway Valdastico;

  • MAX & BOEGL GOLLER BOEGL (Brixen – BZ- Italy) for which our staff has contributed to the construction of sections of tunnel in the province of Bolzano and building works for the new tracks inside the new station of Bologna (contract company Astaldi Spa);

  • H. F. BAU GmbH (Monaco of Bavaria – Germany) for which we have developed construction works to be finished for n. 8 condominiums each of 8 floors + 2 underground in Monaco of Bavaria (DE);

  • PROJECKTGESELLSCHFT WITTELSBACHER ALLEE GMBH (Rohrdorf – Germany) for which we have made building works for the construction of a business – hotel in Olching (DE);

  • GARDA CONCEPT COMPANY SRL (Bolzano – BZ – Italy) for which we have made the rough a residence with n. 6 apartments in Lazise (VR);

  • LIJEPI OTOK d.o.o. (Croatia) for which we have built 24 apartments, turnkey, for tourist use residential island of Pag;

  • TEHNOBETON (Croatia) for which we have made several shopping centers and a building of 12 floors in Zagreb;

  • FACIES d.o.o. (Croatia) for which we have made numerous villas and apartment buildings and a building of 12 floors in Varazdin;

  • ABGRADNJA d.o.o . (Croatia), for which we have built holiday village in Porec;

  • CONING ECOGRADNJA d.d. (Croatia) for which we have made several works including a Thalassotherapy center turnkey Opatija (Istria) and some purifiers;

Private clients

  • Numerous private clients for whom we are engaged in the new construction and renovation of buildings turnkey (including the design and construction supervision);